Saturday, March 3, 2012

Penny Rug Tutorial - Part 4

Happy is as happy does. 

 That's my thought for today.  After about "8 takes".  I happily put together Part 4 in my series of the Penny Rug Tutorial.  Good things just sometimes take time. 
 The weather was gray, but this afternoon the lighting was perfect.  My mood was right, time to take out the rug and the camera.  I'm new at filming and most definitely new at posting to You Tube.  So, forget about editing, I have no clue. I'd rather try making another video clip.  Well, I had one version just about perfection, last few moments about to wrap up and... hubby walks in...."Colleeennn", oh drat!  I should have told him I was filming. Start the natural light is fading..  Last chance to run with whatever happens, (and note to self, buy a camera that has a pause function). My final take before the good lighting left me, with a pressure washer running in the background outside my window. 
 Happily it didn't come through as loud in the film, but I do mention it, I think I called it an air compressor....
I'm a blogger, me nervous?....

I hope you enjoy Part 4.  There will be a Part 5.

click on the Youtube logo to see with annotations


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