Thursday, November 7, 2019

A Moody Little Mat

I finished this mat a little while ago.
Nice small size
Easy bound edge, no backing.

A quick visual tutorial for binding the edge:

Cut a piece of cotton or flannel 1 inch wide 
(Note that here I used 1.5 inches and had to trim later)
Pin in place around your mat and stitch with a running stitch all around.
You can fold the raw edge at one or both ends for neat finish.

Trim away excess: 
Apologies, I don't show that I did cut the trim width down to 1 inch, 
1 inch is plenty wide enough.
Fold over and pin in place all around edge:

Make tiny stitches along the back, 
matching to your running stitch,
 to hold the trim in place.

 You're done!

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