Tuesday, January 9, 2018

From the Scrap Bin

I think it's time for a quick project. What to do?
How about using up some
 of that "over-felted" wool. 
You know, those pieces that are 
a bit too thick to make into soft pennies?
Those pieces that you keep pushing to one side.

I worked out this little change purse
 made entirely by hand, no machine work.
Of course, you can use your machine if you like.
I started with 2 x 3.5 inch circles of very dark green wool.
It photographed as black. 
Any colour will do just fine.
And a zipper, any size longer than 5 1/2" will do.
You'll need to cut 7 x 3/4" circles
 for a flower design.
You can see a rug that I made entirely with this design here
I posted a play by play of it on YouTube.
However, you can applique any design you like.
So...start with two 3.5 inch circles
If your zipper is longer than 5 1/2 inches, 
make some back stitches to shorten it.

 Easy, peasy. 
Now cut the zipper with about
 1/4" to 1/2" to spare.

More fun, start your applique:

Now to add the zipper.
Open it fully and put right side of the zipper
 to back side of your large circle.
Begin a running stitch to attach the zipper
Then fill in the running stitch, 
this will make the zipper secure.
Or you could do a back stitch all the way along.
Same result.
Attach the second circle in the same fashion:
Now match the wrong sides together 
and stitch from one end of the zipper 
to the other end, 
closing the purse with a blanket stitch.

Be sure to start and stop at each end with a secure back stitch.

Done! A cute little handmade wool coin purse!

Look for kits in my Etsy Shop

Happy New Year 2018!
hugs from


Friday, December 8, 2017

Writing and Editing - another one done

It takes me about 2-3 weeks to put together a pattern. 

I've been slowing writing all of Cee Rafuse's patterns. 
Many more to come.  

This is a favourite of mine. 
The Marriage Rug.

You may remember I blogged about it here
when I stitched her kit my way, with bound edges. 

There are many variations of this rug,
 but the most unique way
 is Cee's Marriage Rug, 
it is a true family heirloom. 

Cee Rafuse of Early Style Penny Rugs.  The Marriage Rug.

Find the written pattern, with templates and instructions, now in my Etsy Shop

Monday, November 6, 2017

Making Room

 Making changes. Good changes.
A sneak peak into my studio. 

My collection of sewing machine drawers finally has a home.
They are great for holding small things.  
The knob at the end makes for a great hanging spot for my thread cutter.

Check out the wood "heart in hand" down on the lower left. 
It's one of my favourite helping hands.  
David Schump of the Art Tramp made it for me.
It's a floss holder and a pin cushion... 
you'll have to look closely so see the little velvet cushion sitting on the ledge, 
it is attached with a ribbon.


Friday, September 8, 2017

In the Nick of Time

Just in time to stitch up for Christmas!

I have finished compiling, editing, drafting, and packaging.
All six primitive stocking patterns of Cee Rafuse's collection.
These stocking are huge and wonderful.

Finished size is 27" long x 6" wide.

They are a great stitching project.

Use up your scraps for the characters,
 find an old worn wool blanket for the stocking.
These patterns are listed in my Etsy Shop 

Check out Cee's website.
From time to time
she will be offering her wonderful overdyed string for stitching 
and bundles of her wonderful dyed wools.

Maybe you'll be lucky enough to get some.

Keep on Stitching!

Don't forget to join us on Facebook in our penny rug group,
the Ladies and Gents of the Wool Circle Club.

You are invited,

Friday, March 10, 2017

Make a Pillow from a Finished Applique

Do you have a finished applique 
that you thought you might frame, and didn't?
That's the story behind this gorgeous gift from 
my good friend Cee of Early Style Penny Rugs.

Lucky me!
I think it's going to make a great pillow.
basket applique by Cee Rafuse of Early Style Penny Rugs
basket applique by Cee Rafuse of Early Style Penny Rugs

 I am making a button closure with a green lightweight wool

 I have measured and placed two pieces with an ironed edge hem of 1 3/4" on each piece.
These folds will cover each other creating the opening for a pillow form.
(Give some thought to your pillow form, measure and trim fabrics to fit)

Once you have measured two pieces that will be the back of the pillow,
hem sew the folds.


Space evenly and make buttonholes markings on one hem only.
I will use 3 x 1 inch buttons.
Here I am using the auto buttonhole feature of my Bernina! 
I love my Bernie!
 Place the buttonhole piece right sides to right side of applique 
and then the second hemmed piece right side down.

Sew all four sides and trim corners

Turn right sides out and press.
 Mark the centre of each buttonhole for button placement.
Sew buttons in place on the right side of the hem of the covered hemmed piece.

basket applique by Cee Rafuse of Early Style Penny Rugs

Fill with fibrefill or a pillow form and enjoy.
Thank you CEE!

Pattern now available for this wool applique in my Etsy shop
Colonial Basket Wool Applique