Sunday, July 7, 2019

Hiding your thread; no knots

Working on a little mat today,
 thought about this nifty way to end thread without a knot.

Very useful for penny mats.


I take a few stitches into the back of the stack, 
being particular that the tip of the needle goes into the same space as it came out, 
but in a different direction.

 When you do this, pick up a bit of the wool stack inside.

Then snip the thread close. 
It pops inside. 
No knots ...a hidden back-stitch of sorts.

Always fun to share,
from me to you, 

Monday, March 25, 2019

New Bookmark Tutorial

These are simple to make and very useful.
You will love this style of bookmark, I do!

Gather the supplies you will need:
-16" of elastic cord
-a variety of beads and or buttons
-two 1" wool pennies
-one 1/2" or 9/16" wool penny
-needle and thread

 Thread the beads and buttons onto the cord,
then knot the end and trim.
 Secure the knot onto one of the wool pennies:

Then stitch the smaller penny to the other 1" penny:
 Here again with a lighter colour for better viewing:

 Here I stitched the small penny
 to hide the stitches that showed from securing the elastic:

 After stitching the stack together
make some back stitches inside the stack to secure
your thread and snip.

 Nicely done!

  The bead or buttons can be adjusted to shorten the cord,
for smaller books if needed.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Patterns and Kits

I've been busy.
April's Petal Mat is now available as a pattern.
Check my Etsy Shop

My Ring Pin Cushion pattern in also now available!
Make some for your quilting or stitching group.

And I have a few 39" Hit and Miss kits left in my shop.,
I have the pattern in the works.
I'm just loving the colours on this one.

 Stay tuned for a new bookmark tutorial next week :-)

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Kitty's in the Garden

This mat has a story, I found the kitty cat sketch
in a folder of my
 Mom and Dad's paperwork.
I have no idea why it was there or why I kept it, until now. 
(Perhaps because Dad had scribbled his name on the front of it?)

I remember my Dad being good at drawing, 
he never did anything formal
or lasting.
Just whatever Mom or us kids would request.
At least that's my memory...I'll have to ask the others.

As I stitched I was thinking to call this mat 
Ray's Cat, or Ray's Mat.
It turned into 
Kitty's in the Garden

I love it, of course.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Use Up and Make Do

 I've called this post Use Up and Make Do because
 I've been finding new old things as I sort and clean my studio 
and I really do need to use them up and make do!
One thing I've learned about myself is that 
I can certainly fit a lot of stuff into a small space!

An old glass candlestick that I had aged
...ages ago, 
I added a wool blend, fibre stuffed ball 
that I had created
...ages ago.
Then I slow stitched (read; hand stitched at great speed)
 a velveteen strawberry,
twisted some crochet cotton from my hoard into a cord,
 added an old button, 
 tied the base with 
an over dyed stained piece
of cheesecloth.

A Make-Do Pincushion