Sunday, July 7, 2019

Hiding your thread; no knots

Working on a little mat today,
was thinking of how I end my thread,
and thought I'd share.
This is a nifty way to end thread without a knot.

Very useful for penny mats.


I take a few stitches into the back of the stack, 
being particular that the tip of the needle goes into the same space as it came out, 
but in a different direction.

 When you do this, pick up a bit of the wool stack inside.

Then snip the thread close. 
It pops inside. 
No knots ...a hidden back-stitch of sorts.

Always fun to share,
from me to you, 


  1. Always sharing the good stuff <3 thank you

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. Great way to finish. Janice

  3. Good tip, thanks for sharing! Always love everything you do!