Monday, November 6, 2017

Making Room

 Making changes. Good changes.
A sneak peak into my studio. 

My collection of sewing machine drawers finally has a home.
They are great for holding small things.  
The knob at the end makes for a great hanging spot for my thread cutter.

Check out the wood "heart in hand" down on the lower left. 
It's one of my favourite helping hands.  
David Schump of the Art Tramp made it for me.
It's a floss holder and a pin cushion... 
you'll have to look closely so see the little velvet cushion sitting on the ledge, 
it is attached with a ribbon.



  1. Feels good when we get things all neat and tidy, I think it is a brain reset so that we can get back to a studio or cooking or a garden with fresh eyes.

  2. I love your wall arrangement of sewing machine drawers. So beautiful, practical and organized. Also love seeing all your beautiful treasures so nicely displayed.