Friday, February 8, 2019

A Cozy of Warmth

Winter flowers for the birds

 I felt particularly challenged when a friend
posted on her Facebook feed
a "hip" knitted cozy for her hummingbird feeder. 
Ha! I have let's see. 
I am not a quick knitter, but let me get out my needle and thread.

 I rummaged through my felted/fulled sweater stash
 and pulled out a soft, very soft sleeve. 
 Before I ran out into the bitter cold to bring in the feeder,
I played with some flower shapes and started stitching.
 Once I had the flowers in place I braved the frigid cold
 (okay.... I sent my husband outside the kitchen window)
and wrapped the sleeve around the feeder to fit for size.

 It was fun trimming the flower shapes and whip stitching to my heart's content.
(see one is like a heart)
My measurement for this large feeder is
9" x 12.5" of a fulled/felted knitted wool sleeve.
The best thing about felted wool, 
you don't have to hem it, just cut.

 No fancy stitching here. 
Make a 1/2" seam and you're done!

I don't know if this will keep the feeder from freezing, 
it is after all filled with sugar water and doesn't often freeze solid.
 Our temps don't get too low anymore here is the
 southwestern part of British Columbia, 
but we do get the odd cold snap.
Cold temps and some white stuff are in the forecast this week
***Update*** freezing temps over night and the syrup was not frozen! Yay!
Great video at this link about Anna and Rufus hummingbirds