Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Penny Rug Tutorial on YouTube

As I type this post, I am uploading a 3 part video
to my new YouTube channel.
Click on the videos below to see them and click on the YouTube logo to see on a larger screen with annotations that I've added.

I've  found a most glaring mistake, so sorry.
I mention in the video clips that I am stitching 9/16" circles to a 3" circle.  I am using 3/4" circles.

This is a rug I started about a year or so ago,
one of those unfinished projects that I'd like to get done and share.
  I'm going to finish it up and I will post the rest of it as a tutorial on YouTube,
so there will be more parts to come! 
Remember, this is the way I stitch, I'm showing you my way.
I do use other methods and I do hide stitches inside the pennies.
It all depends on the style of rug I'm making.
Make your rugs your way, your stitching is your signature.

Penny Rug Tutoria Part 2:

Penny Rug Tutorial Part 3:

Click over to this link and you will see my original post of the rug laid out.
Let me know what you think....
Contact me if you are interested in a kit.
The colours and wools will be similar but not the same.
3" circles with 7- 3/4" smaller circles per.


  1. Excellent tutorial!! Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you so much for your tutorials, they are great,
    can't wait for the next one. They are very helpful to me.

  3. Your tutorials are great! I watch just to keep all the information fresh. Thank you for the lovely work you do.