Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Woolie Poinsettia Christmas Decoration

 How about a project just in time for Christmas?

Gather some red felted wool, crochet cotton or butcher's twine, some wire, and large buttons or rusty bells.  Use what you have, have what you use.
Bend a 24"length of 20 gauge wire in half and thread it through a large button

Twist the wire around a pencil or dowel

Make two curly cues
Cut 10 wool pieces into 60 degree triangles
Gather one side with a running stitch. 
Small stitching for thin wool, larger stitches for thicker wool pieces

Pull together five triangles to make a flower
Tie off
Make a second flower poinsettia to match
Cut another length of wire 30" long  if it's thin (to double it up), about 15" if it's a heavier weight.
(Fold a thin piece in half, doubled)
Thread it through the back of your wired button
Slip the wire pieces through the center of both flower poinsettias

At back, pull through another button, use a flat button with two or four holes
Twist  at back of flower poinsettia, do not cut , save the long length of wire.

Twist the long back length of wire to your Christmas tree branches.
Layer two buttons for a different look

Use several (3) rusty bells if you like.

Wouldn't these look great in off white wool?
Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Love your poinsettia. Thank you so much for the tutorial!!!

  2. Love how the poinsettia turned out. Thank you for sharing it.