Monday, March 5, 2012

Penny Rug Bookmark Tutorial

I put this simple project together for a "make it and take it"
(or "take it and make it").

I'll be speaking later this month at a local quilter's guild.
This will be fun to share with the group.

 You'll need a large 2" size paper clip,
two 1" penny circles, and one 1/2" penny
(or 9/16" my favourite tiny size)
pull out your # 22, or # 20 chenille needle,
Your choice of thread - #10 crochet cotton,
 #8 perle cotton, butcher's twine,
or 3 strands embroidery floss

Start with a back stitch on the 1 inch penny
Attach the smaller penny
Begin to blanket stitch around smaller wool penny
Finish the round

At this stage you could add an embellishment of beads 
or a button before you add the paper clip
Find your paper clip
Carefully whip stitch the paper 
clip to the back of the stack
Bring  your second one inch penny to the stack
Sandwich the thread and paper clip 
between the two one inch pennies
 and begin to stitch around
Now adjust thread and bring 
needle through the paper clip
So that you can create two stitches between 
the side prongs of the paper clip

Create two stitches in the middle of 
the paper clip and then finish the round
pick up the first stitch
stitch carefully into the middle of the stack
hiding your thread, back stitch inside the stack
back stitch several times
Pull snugly on the thread and snip
A fun and fast bookmark,
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial
You can watch this tutorial and others on my YouTube channel

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