Saturday, March 10, 2012

Silk Tie Quilt Thrifting Find

 Let me share my thrift find from today, perhaps a lifetime! 
 This quilt is old, and in terrific shape.
I have only ever seen a quilt made of ties once, it was in a book.
I remember the stitching to be exquisite. It was worked onto velvet.
This quilt is well done and highlighted 
with various colours of feather stitch.It's all cotton,
except for the ties.
 The ties are vintage and very interesting.
 Only a few broken stitches.
The colours are wonderful golds, reds, blues and browns.

How did I do for 24.99  (!)

I had no idea how popular it is to quilt silk ties until I did a google image search and found a link about how to prepare silk ties.  A post I found at craftgossip, is written by Alix Joyal of Mamaka Mills.  Alix says to toss your ties in the wash and open the ties after, remove the interfacing and then begin your cutting and piecing.  
Alix has some wonderful quilts over there!

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  1. Oh goodness that is beautiful. Remember those ties with the palm trees..they were all the rage at one time :0), they look much better in a quilt then on a man.

    Nice find!
    Happy Sewing