Saturday, November 6, 2010

Penny Rug Pattern

All my secrets and tips in one pattern.
The way I put a penny rug together from the beginning to the end.
With colour photos and template sizes for you to cut out and use right away.

This rug project is the simplest way for a beginner.
 Using the three stack with a self backing or what I've termed a "personal backing".
Essentially, a 4 stack, the fourth penny as the backing piece.
When these are all joined together you can have a rug.
The rug size to be determined by how many personal backed stacks you want to assemble.

I have a printed version that I will mail to you, free shipping.
Or you might want my "almost instant" to your inbox, email version.

The email Hit and Miss pattern

The email version of Mug Rugs pattern

They are listed for sale in my Esty Shop.

They are similar, so only purchase both if you want both. 
The biggest difference is really the size of your pennies. 
Smaller pennies, smaller rug.  Bigger pennies, bigger rug.

 If you don't use Etsy, send me an email request and I'll send you an invoice thru Paypal.

Make your rug the colour and size you want,

and remember

today’s handmade treasures are tomorrow’s treasured keepsakes.


  1. Hi Colleen!

    Just wanted to tell anyone who is interested in starting the very addictive art of making penny rugs, yours is the easiest and most satisfying way to learn. I am a very 'visual' person who needs directions twenty different ways before I 'get it', but I remember when you generously shared your tutorial with me....I caught on in a hurry!

    As always, I enjoy a visit to your blog Colleen,
    Wooly hugs,

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