Sunday, October 17, 2010

From Sunny Yellow to Yummy Golden

I pulled out the dye pot today.
Boiled up 24 black tea bags , added 3" and 2" pennies that I had cut from a yellow blanket ages ago,
a big glug of vinegar and simmered for a good long while (I didn't even take out the tea bags, lazy).
I rinsed the heck out of them and then spun them in the spin cyle and tossed them in the dryer!
They turned out really good!

I did make that sound easy didn't I?
  Don't forget to wet your wool and squeeze it out before you add it to the dye pot. 
Wet wool draws up the dye more evenly.
I used about 20 cups of water, maybe more...I have a big pot.
Mostly I don't measure, I just like to see what happens. 
Black tea is just a great way to dull down any bright fabric.  I buy the least expensive tea for dyeing. 
Orange peokoe will give a pinkish sheen, so, I like to purchase the no name brands, non fancy black tea.
You can experiment with a bit of dye and tea. 
I have turned grey blankets into an interesting green.
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  1. You make it sound so easy. They are a beautiful color. I would love to see what you make with them. Blessings!