Monday, October 11, 2010

Nonna's Garden Shawl by Mary

 I commissioned my cyber friend Mary to (who by the way, knits the best socks)  knit me "Nonna's Garden Shawl" by Knit Picks. It turned out lovely. Mary has been anxiously waiting for me to attach the lining. Done!

I added some embroidery to the poppies and the fushias, a little more blocking and finished the lining on Saturday.  I used a lightweight wool blend in a complimenting colour. I think it turned out fabulous!!!  I didn't follow the directions in the pattern as suggested to attach the lining with right sides together and then turn.  That would have made the shawl "roll" and it would have consumed the green edging.
  Instead, I turned back and pressed my lining along the edges, pinned it wrong sides together and stitched by hand a blind stitch all the way around.

It's so soft, warm and cozy. The Knit Picks wools are a Merino, Superfine Alpaca and Donegal blends. I know it was a super big challenge to knit ( Mary says it will cost the next person 4 million dollars!)
 I really appreciate her work. I'm going to really cherish this shawl.

The jury is still out on whether I should had the fringe.   Have a look.

If you need some hand knit socks I'll ask Mary for you.


  1. This is an exquisite shawl that I am sure you will cherish forever....Mary did an Outstanding job ! Best regards, Carol at

  2. Now that is some knitting skills! Beautiful.

  3. That looks great! She must love you lots!