Friday, September 10, 2010

More about Penny Rugs

I just had a wonderful week off from work.  Thought I'd spend most of my time stitching, but instead I golfed and read.  Happy to say I finally finished the latest long read of
Diana Gabaldon's, An Echo in the Bone. 

I'm also happy to say my golf game has improved!

What's this got to do with penny rugs you say?  In my down time I surfed Amazon, looking for books and perhaps more inspiration.  I know that hooking is in my future.  I haven't hooked a rug yet.
I just have so much wool, there must be a hooked rug in me somewhere, sometime. So the reading begins.

 I ordered some books about hooking and penny rugs.
 I have just received "Penny Rugs" Sewing Wool Applique
 by Janice Sonnen. 

Lots of stitchers ask me if there is just one book that would help them. I think this is the book. 

Janice has great photos and instructions of how to compile the items you will need, how to stitch a rug, a little bit about dyeing and lots of photos of finished rugs.  Janice mentions how she had so much scrap wool  from rug hooking she was always giving it away, until she discovered penny rugs. 
My problem in reverse!
It's a really nice little book to add to your research/collection.

I also noticed, when reading through Janice's book, the direction she does her blanket stitching. 
From the outside in, I stitch from the inside out.
As I've mentioned about penny rugs, there are no rules.  And that includes the way you stitch!
Some stitch like Janice, some stitch like me.
Stitch a penny rug the way it's comfortable for you,
 and you will enjoy it.
Don't force yourself to do something that is not your way.

 Happy stitching and reading!

If you're looking for my templates,
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  1. Good for you... it's always nice to be able to relax and take time for things that sometimes get pushed to the side.

  2. Amazon has endless temptations that have given me hours of pleasure. Try your hand at hooking...For more than 30 years it has been a satisfying way for me to create...and it is not hard to do.