Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Popularity of Wool Pennies

Making penny rugs is becoming ever more popular.  I see increasingly more sellers on Etsy.
Penny rugs are such an easy craft and very gratifying.
Truly, a small rug can be made from scraps and bits of thread. 
Just like quilting. 
 "When life hands you scraps, make quilts" (insert) "penny rugs"!

Unlike cotton, wool is forgiving, when fulled/felted it doesn't need many stitches to hold it in place or keep it from fraying. A nicely felted piece of wool will not fray. Curves and corners stay put.

I was "fulling" more yardage the other day and was reminded, when I pulled a very fat, very small piece of wool from the dryer, how sometimes, it's best to start with a warm wash. 
And in some cases, hang to dry is just fine too.
(I have an assortment of very thick wools that I've yet to find the perfect project for.)
Remember, it's experiment and experience. 
-Go ahead and gain some, you will be happy and rewarded.-

So, it's not a bad idea to do a warm wash/cold rinse/hot dryer for the first go around. 
If the finished/fulled wool isn't quite felted to your liking you can always toss it back in for a hot wash.
And don't forget if you have selvages on the pieces, rip or trim them off. 
If the wool felts up well, the selvages will be all crunched up, quite a curly trim, to be sure. 
The fibres next to them will be "bunchy" as well.

Tutorial in the making; I'm stitching!


  1. Lovely post...can't wait for the tutorial!!

  2. Oh goody! I just found some wool skirts at GW today and was wondering how to wash them. You must have read my mind, LOL.

    Thanks so much and cant wait to see the tutorial.