Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wool and Fibre Everywhere!

I was looking for inspration and a weekend away. 
The FibreArts Festival in Gibson's Landing
 seemed like a fabulous idea! And it was. 

There was lots of fibre to be sure. Wool, wool, wool.  Spinners and weavers.
 Merchants from around BC selling, showcasing and demonstrating their products.
Included was a beautiful juried exhibtion of finished work.
 I'd left this until the last minute, so, sadly, I didn't attend any of the workshops. 
But I nipped into one of the weaving classes and had a look around.
 That was Friday morning.
I was lucky enough to have my bestest friend Marny come with me. 
We had a lovely day venturing up the Sunshine Coast. It all started after a very early ferry ride to Gibsons from the Horseshoe Bay terminal. We were "so early" we had to find a coffee shop. How early were we?   The Merchant Mall opened at 9 a.m.  and we were in Gibsons by 8 a.m.!
(It wasn't hard to find Starubucks, I have a sixth sense about them.)

After seeing all the offerings at the festival and learning more about Gibsons from the helpful girls at the
festival information counter, our next desitnation was to find the "Yurts".
The home of the Fibre Works Studio and Gallery
More Fibre!  And a glourious gallery currently showcasing mini quilts from across
Canada featuring the theme 
– by the  Studio Art Quilters Association.  They were amazing.
I finally found a rug being hooked on a frame here. 
 The only rug I could find during the whole weekend.!
Sad, and no pennies or penny rugs to be seen either!
(I did, however, score several yards of very nice wool from the "New to You" (me)
 booth at the festival for only a few dollars) 
FibreWorks Studio and Gallery in a Yurt
Six Yurts in all...the tiny one is the washroom!
Very nicely done, one is the gallery, one the studio, one an office.
We found a craft fair in Madiera Bay, Pender Harbour,  had some lunch, bought some trinkets and drove back down the coast through Sechelt and other little communites, stopping only for artsy adventure.
Afterwards, we checked into the Secret Beach B and B , really pooped by now we freshened up and went for dinner to Sita's Spag Shack. 
Dinner was AMAZING and I can't say enough about how wonderful our stay was at
Kathleen and Peter's Secret Beach B and B.  Breakfasts were scrumptious!  We enjoyed the view of cruise ships along the Strait of Georgia from both our room and our sunny breakfast spot on the patio. 
The weather didn't disappoint either.

Saturday we spent the day in Gibson's at the juried craft show, did the Gibsons Landing Art Stroll, shopped at Zocalo ladies fashions (I bought some new duds, love them!) and tripped into the local thrift shops.
There was local entertainment of course, the curious, the interpertive, the historic/native and the artsy!
We heard about the Gum Boot Cafe in Robert's Creek, but sadly they were closed at 5pm.
So, we ventured down to the beach and combed about, Marny found some nice black rocks... 
We visited the Mandala  community art project on the pier..quite amazing!

We ended the day with dinner at Molly's Reach!
Do you remember the "Persephone" Nick and Jesse's boat from the Beachcombers?

It's resting just above Molly's Reach on the corner of the main streets in Gibsons. 
(Do you see the fibre art strung to the railing...these were hanging about town, even on the local statue!)

Thanks Gibson's Landing, we'll be back.
And the good news is....I'm inspired!


  1. I have just recently gotten into penny rugs. I am learning. Thanks for sharing this adventure.

  2. Wow!! I had no idea that they put on such a wonderful show. I will mark that on my calendar for next year!! Thanks for sharing!