Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Sunny Rainbow of Colours Runner

Look at the colours in this one!
Now, hmm, how to hold them together so I can take them along or make a kit?

Butter yellow 3" circles and a collection of 3/4" from the rainbow.
This rug will be about 28" x 14.5"
This rug can be stitched to a full piece later, or different 3" pieces for self backings?

This could be stitched with all the same thread,
or use up lots of bits and colours,
making more of a rainbow.

Okay, ready to go -

Now here's a complete contrast.
How about "Down and Dirty" or it's "All about the Army"
This collection of army greens.  What a great grubby runner this will make.
Stitch just single 2" cirlces to a feed sack or piece of linen or cotton.  Line with something simple.
Have I got too many projects now, or two more kits?


  1. this one is going to be gorgeous!! Can't wait to see it finished! Take care!

  2. This will be beautiful completed. I love the colors. I am trying to do this off and on. I purchased a kit. It has taken me some time to figure the stitching part out. Your blog has been a help to me. Thanks!

    1. Have you see my new YouTube videos, I have posted a few tutorials there.

  3. All of your projects are darling!! I love the look of the 'flower' one ~top pic.

    Do you cut all those circles by hand or is there a trick to it?

    Those little cups are a cute idea to store the circles in.

  4. Absolutely GORGEOUS! What a fab idea! I'm just starting to get into Penny Rugs and Wool Felt crafts! My aunt introduced me to them last year and I am in LOVE! These are perfect for my style of home decor :) I am LOVING what I see on your blog and Etsy store (just made my first purchase).

    Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!

    ~Inky Smiles!

  5. Love your blog! I too love working with wool, when I'm not sewing dolls.


  6. I'm excited to see the finished project!

  7. Wow, I just love the colors in this rug. I think that I have a 'bag' of baby pennies that you sent to me a couple of years ago. When my eyes start to co-operate a little better, I'll get to stitching something similar. Thanks for the inspiration as always.

    Wooly hugs,