Monday, February 1, 2010

Studio Renovation Update

Who doesn't like to look at other people's renovations?
(Don't get too excited it won't all be studio space. We have to sleep and bathe somewhere.)

The best carpenter in the whole world just sent me some pictures, thanks Henry!
While I'm away... did I mention I was crazy?
This shot was taken where my new studio space will be
just where the guy with the camera is standing and to his right, sure.

This used to be a master bedroom 12x18 with a small ensuite, a second small bathroom and two 10x10 bedrooms that were converted to studio space. 
Not the biggest house on the block, but I like to think the nicest....
Magically (by Henry) to become a mastersuite with large ensuite and a (sadly) smaller studio space with a powder room.  But hey, did I mention the walk in closet! The next best thing to a girl's best friend!

Next week I will be shipping from my Etsy shop again and creating a new supply of templates.  I'm sold out at the moment, but not for long.  Stay tuned for more penny rug tips too.
(And did I mention, small studio space ideas in a few months!)

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  1. Colleen,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed going through your last few blog posts and catching up with your goings on. My god girl, you are busy!! I think that I have to have a nap after following you around on your blog.

    I love the renovations, and look forward to seeing what the final result will look like. I know that you have such good taste, that it will be wonderful. I enjoyed your pics of your trip, but I must admit to feeling very jealous! We would love to go away this winter, but we are saving our pennies for Europe in May, so I guess that the only warmth from the sun will be if I go to a sun tanning bed!

    I just ordered a book from Prim Gatherings ( called Wool Crazy by Joanne Mullaly, joined a sew along as well. When I looked at the quilt, I thought of you. I am going to blog about it a bit, hopefully today.

    Looking forward to seeing the final results of your renovations.