Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whales and Thrift Shopping

Whales and thrift shopping?  What do they have in common? 
Nothing! But I did them in the same day, so there!
The weather today was drizzly and warm, the water was super choppy, wind had changed direction.  Saw lots of whales, but you try to photograph them while keeping yourself in a Zodiac! We saw one breach and lots and lots of pods.  It was totally worth it! Highly recommended if you can handle the bumps and don't had a weak tum tum. 
This is a fluke (tail) going down...
 Ok Ok, thrifting...
This might weigh down my luggage.
We'll see if I get this item home in one piece...very exciting. 
It's in perfect shape, no crazing, no cracks, looks almost new.  8 bucks!  Yes, really!

12" McCoy stoneware worth, what 45 to 85 dollars....?
I had to prove it to hubby, well , not really, but he thinks we'll be paying for overweight luggage. 
I'll let you know how that turns out.  (I'll be fine, we get two each, brought one each, smart.)
I wasn't expecting to find something heavy, I mean, really.


  1. SCORE!! I'd wear it on my head if I had too!! Love the bowl!! And only $8 - wow!! What a find!!

  2. That looks like fun, have never seen a whale, so I need to get out there, this year. I bought a large one just like it, think I paid around 42 for mine. I actually got it for a friend, but it was the wrong type, so not sure what to do with mine.


  3. I'm laughing so hard I almost cried, that's the BEST idea I've heard yet! Thanks Paulette!

    (Fed Ex was one option)

  4. Collen
    What a great find. The whales are beautiful too. Enjoy your vacation. Hope the reno is getting along fine with you gone. You are a brave woman. I'm too OCD for me to not be there to supervise.
    Have fun.

  5. Hi Debbie, lots of uses for bowls. If you collect stoneware bowls, stack 'em up and display them of course. But if you don't, make a display. Fill it with old utensils, rag balls, penny rug circles, wool for knitting, facecloths in the bathroom, soaps, seashells, buttons, oh gosh, it's endless. Move it out of the kitchen and make a subtle statement with it anywhere in your home.