Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vacation Thrifting

Thank goodness for Google,  I found a thrift store in Lahaina!
 My Hawaiin blogger friends are holding out on me?  Come on girls. 
(it's okay, there are a few more on the island, I think I'll be okay now....pheww!)
And Saturday, the Flea Market!

I know it would be a real stretch to find a piece of wool fabric in Hawaii,
but I could never pass up a worthy textile!
Look at these Hawaiian quilt squares with all the hardwork/applique done already!
25cents each.  I had to save , 'er, collect them.

Wow and a reproduction paper roll holder!  $3.00.
Perhaps I will use it in the new studio space for my freezer paper.
I know it's a reproduction, it says "paper towel holder" !
The rod is missing, but that's an easy fix.  

A rubber duckie soap dispenser, I couldn't resist, 25 cents
and the grandkids will love to wash their hands!
I found these placemats in a gift store, no deal here, but  i loved their washer like/penny style.
They are made from coconut shells.
Earlier today we went for a beach walk, and these fellas were harvesting a lemon tree. 
Tossing lemons to who ever walked by!
At first I thought they were grapefruits!  I've never seen lemons so big!
I walked away smelling my fresh lemon and then thought, hey, when does this happen...I need a photo! (duh)
Some other gals were there getting lemons tossed at them, so I did a group photo for them.
The driver wasn't shy at all!  "What about me?" he said!

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