Sunday, September 20, 2020

And done!
Just stitching a sample tongue for the last of the kits.
Check my Etsy shop to find them.
I won't be making these again anytime soon.
This was a huge summer adventure in 
dyeing, cutting, dyeing, cutting ...
repeat, repeat.
Here are the last of the kits I've made 
 for Cee Rafuse's unique Marriage Rug.
It's a good one.


                                        Find the last of them in my Etsy shop

Keep on stitching!



  1. Oh my...tons of work....look forward to the results. Donna

  2. Thanks Donna! These are kits, I've made this mat in a different version. Scroll back to see the Oval Tongue Rug lesson. In that version I bound the edge instead of the blanket stitches.