Monday, October 3, 2016


A customer on Etsy lost her pincushion ring and asked if I was making more.

I couldn't make just one.

I developed these a while back.  
The cushion is 1 inch across. 
This is a very comfortable pin cushion
 you can wear on any finger.  
It is adjustable to your size and totally hypo-allergenic, unless you are allergic to wool. Heaven forbid!

There is no metal, 
I devised a clever comfortable way to use Velcro.

You'll never lose your stitching needle again...or like away in your car with your needle in the knee of your jeans.
And don't worry, you won't prick yourself,
 I've lined the base for protection.

Oh yes, the best part... the cushion is stuffed with raw wool.
And oh look, a chenille needle is included.

Very nice woolie bling! 

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