Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Natural Surroundings

There is nothing better than real wool.  

It's like real wood, real flowers, anything natural and non toxic. That's what I want to surround myself with.  Natural fibres; linen, wool, cotton.  
Furniture made from wood that's not been processed or pressed and has been protected 
(if it's vintage and painted from the middle of the last century).
 Leather is good too but some folks prefer not.  

It's all personal.
Your dishes, your bedding, your clothing,
 your home. 
 Layer it up with real things. 
Edit out the items that don't please you, 
and don't make you healthy.  
Start planning now for next year's garden today.
Eat healthy, live healthy. 

What pleases you? 

Jug and Rug - by PennyRugsAndMore.blogspot.com
Jug and Rug


  1. Nice tips! Thanks for the healthy living inspiration ♥


  2. im the same! and i can never understand people that like polyester or synthetics. and clothes are getting harder to find that are cotton, let alone 100% cotton. and near impossible to find anything not made in china