Sunday, March 17, 2013

Victorian Sewing Box or Pinch Purse

My Victorian sewing box, also known as a pinch purse.
 Finally it's done!
  I started this last year and it whiled away in a basket. 
 It looked so easy, well it is.
However, I fought with the thread
and the stiffness of the cardboard lining.
It just didn't look right using embroidery cotton
 and I wasn't using the right needle.
I wouldn't tackle this unless you have some sewing skills.
A set of needle nose pliers or a very good fitting thimble is in order.
I found that the best way to stitch this together 
was with doubled #10 crochet cotton and a #18 chenille needle.
Gosh I like chenille needles,
why was I using a darning needle?
(Because the pattern called for it.)
I used velvet fabric with a cotton lining.
The next one will be woolie!
This is the bottom, a weaving stitch is used to attach the three, pointed oval shapes, together.
It's a pattern shown in American Time Life Books - Country Crafts,
an older set of books from the 80's.
But simple enough.  Use a cardboard shape for the lining.
Use the shape to draw on and cut your fabric
about 1/4" to 1/2" beyond the edge, allowing for a seam.
The cardboard is inserted between two layers of fabric and then blind stitched together.
Make sure you've trimmed the seams to 1/8" and keep the seams on the lining side.

The blanket stitch along the open edge is not necessary.
I'm just blanket stitch crazy.
Hmmmm, I think it needs woolie adornment.
I'm sure you agree.
Stayed tuned for the next installment.
There may be kits in my future.


  1. Very pretty Colleen. You did a wonderful job.


  2. You and I seem to be of the same mind. I have been making these for years usually as Christmas ornaments but in all sizes and purposes too. My great grandmother made them and I still have hers! Then they were passed down from Grandma to my Aunt and then to me. We always called them Beechnuts. My grandma had a beechnut tree in her yard and she thought they were the same shape. I have made them of silk, wool, velvet, paper and even out of metal!

    1. Oh my out of metal! How nice for you that you have so many made from generations past in your family. I love it! I'm really enjoying my purse and soon to make more! Now you have me even more intrigued.

  3. I tried to respond to your sweet comment that you left for me yesterday, but you come up as "no reply" comment ( maybe intentionally?) and then I tried your contact me link on your side bar but it didn't work for me so here I am saying thanks for stopping by and I have enjoyed visiting you here this evening. <3

    1. How does that happen? I have no clue why the "no reply" didn't work. I want lots of emails, giggle! I tested the contact me link on my sidebar and it works for me. I'll have to have a friend test it. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for stopping by as well! I enjoyed your blog!