Saturday, March 2, 2013

Let's finish a rug together

 Remember this one?  I've pulled it out to complete it.  
There will be a tutorial and YouTube slides to come.  
Can you see the problem I've stitched myself into?  
The top row is coming too close to the end of my fabric 
for a hemmed edge.
I would have to do a raw edge blanket stitch, 
or machine stitch (egad) the edge. 
 I'm going to remove four pennies, on four rows, at both ends! 

 Second problem, 
I'm running out of the custom dyed thread I made. 
 I will have to use another colour.  That's okay.
An example of truly using up and making do!  

 This rug is a compilation of greens
 on an tea dyed reproduction feed sack.
 It's meant to be a make do.

On another note,
 but with total regard to the love of penny mats.
Do I have any followers that would truly love to follow along
 in a small group setting,
 on the internet, and learn even more about penny rugs?
Email me, or leave a comment, 
and we'll get you set up in our little group lead by Cee and me!

Update March 11, 2013 - we've now closed the group. 
I'll let you know when we start another one.
Until then, keep watching for more woolie posts.


  1. Tell me more-when? cost? supplies?

    1. Hi Marie, check out Cee's blog and let me know if this is the kind of penny mats you want to learn about. Cost and supplies will be up to you, we haven't started yet, but soon. I will invite a small number of my followers.

  2. You'll learn how to thrift for supplies and use up and make do.

  3. Please sign me up. I;ve admired both yours and Cee's work for some time.


  4. I'm very curious about how your "group setting" would work from a technical standpoint. I'm very interested in your subject matter and want to be included, but am wondering whether I have the computer know-how to join in.

    1. Hello Synthia, contact me through my email and I'll explain a little further.

    2. Sylvia, I'd love to invite you but I don't have your contact info. The group is closing this week.

    3. Sylvia, I'd love to invite you but I don't have your contact info. The group is closing this week.

  5. I would love to join! I am interested in learning how to make a penny rug. I think they are just gorgeous.