Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Diary of a rug maker

If you want some penny rug visual treats and ideas, head over to my friend Cee's new blog.  I'm so excited that Cee is back posting again.  I met Cee many years ago via the world wide web, and we've been exchanging penny rug ideas, thoughts, and wool ever since!  Cee is super great at researching the old rugs.  She has just posted some fabulous links, and some interesting items.

You'll be in penny rug heaven!  

This is a sample peek at some of the rugs she's been showing
 and creating conversations about:

This is a commercial reproduction of an antique rug

Don't forget about me, I'll be posting part 5 of the yellow rug on
my channel at YouTube, and some other treats soon!


  1. I am a new reader and you have many nice things here on your blog. The reason why I found you was that I saw a very usable and fine "ring-pin-cushion". Keep on the good work!

  2. Almost a week late in the comments..What a nice compliment dear friend! It's good to be back doing my rugging...now I need to inspire you to start stitching again and I think I know a way...it's a surprise ...and no hints!
    Thanks again for such a nice intro for my blog!

  3. Hi Karen, I agree, it is a nice commercial replica of an antique rug. It seems some buyers can't make the distinction, there are some auctions out there for replicas listed as antiques. So, buyer beware.