Saturday, January 26, 2013

Collections to blog about


Of time? Of stuff? Of memories?

Why do we collect?
Is it for inspiration, the fear of loss, or for the tactile joy and fulfillment?
Do we need it, do we want it, do we crave it, or is it just because?

A friend once said to me...actually, she says it all the time...
"what's need got to do with it".
That's our mantra now when we thrift shop.
 I love you Marny.

So!  Let's get this year going!

I have lots of projects to finish and share.  Can I say that I've been busy? Would you believe me if I said I was traveling?  Maybe I cruised the Mediterranean, and then flew off to London, with a visit to Listowel and Ballybunion, Ireland. Finally to walk the streets of my mother's childhood?  Perhaps, later, we jetted off to one of the Hawaiian Islands, just for fun (or was it business?)  All true, but it wasn't really warm at either end of the globe. I don't have much of a tan to show for it all, and definitely nothing added to the collections, except memories.  Mostly I'm tired!
 But, we went, we looked, we tasted, we loved, we lived!   

Like my friend Marny says....what's need got to do with it...
 so, just go and do it (or buy it, if you're thrifting). 

My collections, this one is hooks.

Tags from clothing and blankets that I salvage and reuse.  
This falls into tactile collecting?

Colourful old knitting needles.
(knitting was Mom's pastime)

Who ever has enough yardsticks? 
 (there's got to be a need here) 
 I really need more.

and rulers.

more pin cushions

needle cases

My favourite; a stash of my mother's reward coupons from her coffee purchases. 
 I don't think the rewards are still offered.

just some of my felted wools
 (we're talking a collection that is way out of control)

Ah yes, stitched tiny penny stacks, waiting to be assembled into mug rugs, or one very long runner. 
The runner is what I'm aiming for.

Craft and folk art books for inspiration.
 I purchase every Better Homes and Gardens "Traditional American Crafts" book that I find.  
I love to share it.

Little doll dressers - not quite a collection- a collection is a collection when you have at least three? 
 It's got to be true, I read it somewhere.  So, I must find a third.

Decor books, a must have if you like to renovate.  Who me?

Definitely more than three. Is that like a gaggle?

Penny rugs, hooked rugs, wool.. never enough books, never enough time.

My favourite pin cushion, I made from wool and a thrift "find" bowl.

Like Marny says; "what's need got to do with it".

My dear friends, live and love life!  Collect lots of memories along the way.


  1. Welcome back Colleen! You've been missed. I'm happy for you that you've had some fun travel. I'm a collector also. You do a terrific job of displaying your treasures. I have all my mother's knitting needles and I never thought of displaying them in a jar. You're so clever!

  2. Ahhh - Kindred Spirits for sure - I collect everything that you do - except the rulers and the coffee rewards coupons - so much loveliness to enjoy just by owning these items and viewing them on occasion, yes? Thanks for sharing all the photos......