Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finding Stuff along the Way

Gosh, it's been a long time since I sent something to cyberspace.  I'm still here.  Creatively stalled I must say.  But always on the look out for inspiration, junk and worldly insight.

I've been  reading a few books, Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen.  I'm not a quitter, and this is really a strong example. It took me until the 300th page or so before I fell comfortably into the story.   It was a tough read, but by the end I thoroughly enjoyed it.  We've had nary a sunny day here this summer, someone mentioned to me the other day the catch phrase is, it's a "bummer summer".   I just finished a Complicated Kindness, by Miriam Toews, and very happy to report that it was a fast read and worthy.  An edgy, oddball story of a Mennonite teenager.  In between the two I gobbled up my favourite author, Janet Evanovich's current installment of the likeable, bumbling bounty hunter Stephanie Plum in Smokin' Seventeen.  So much fun! Good for vacation time.

So, you never know what you'll find when you out for a walk. Keep you eyes peeled.  I recently NEEDED a milk glass shade for a vintage floor lamp (maybe it's antique by now).  I had to pay real money, $35.00 plus tax for one.  Chatting to a friend about it , she mentioned she was looking for one....I just knew that one would cross my path for the best price ever, free!  There it was on the curb, with me trying to remember who the heck it was I knew that needed one!

I've been learning how to use my new Blackberry Torch's camera. 
Here's some pics of the latest few things I found at the local market for the cabin.
Look closely for the blue glass ink wells and a new bell.  Three's a collection.  That's done!
 The hand made hooked rug, a bargain at $5.00 - I LOVE IT!
 Can't remember where I found this sign, but I had to share.
 Okay she's not mine, (sniff)  and I didn't find her on the side of the road,  
but there may still be three left from the litter!  French Bulldogs.

Tooooo cute!

There's got to be some inspiration here someplace.

Check my Etsy shop for  penny templates. I'm always cutting pennies.
And I have several projects that I  promise to share when I can get back to stitching instead of reading and working.

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