Thursday, July 1, 2010

iPod Penny Purse

I'm making up some of my Penny Purses in iPod size. 
So a Penny Purse for your Pod, giggle.
Follow me or follow my Penny Purse tutorial to make one for yourself. 

I'm going to make this purse slightly longer than my Penny Purse tutorial.  
Try making flowers by snipping out small bits around a wool penny,
it takes some practice, just do little snips.
I've lengthened the pattern to 11" x 4" and added an eyelet
 on the left side approx 3/4" in from the raw side edge and 3/4" down from the top edge

What do you think?
The earphones have to be stuffed into the purse, no special pocket. 
I'm going to play some more with this design.
I haven't stitched the flowers down, thinking I like them floppy and didn't want to get crazy stitching if this one was going to end up in the chopped up pile like the first one an hour ago. (The purple one in above group photo will not be offered for will become a new pile of  purple pennies....)


  1. Too cute...I love them. I don't know how to do zippers, but maybe I can learn.

  2. very cute and I'm reading this as my brand new Ipod touch charges :0)

    Happy Sewing

  3. Hi Colleen! What a cute project. I can totally dig it!
    I've been to your lovely city and I look forward to the day that I can explore it more fully (visited around 1975...old age has got me stumped with the actual date).

  4. Gosh, Colleen, I'm sorry, but I got a good chuckle with your statement... "the last time I got a flat was when I hit a curb. Blew the side wall open (big bang) and had to buy TWO new tires." It so sounds like something that would happen to me.
    Take care, sweet friend!

  5. Too cute! Would want one if I had an iPod!