Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My New Studio

All set up and ready to play, um, stitch.
So happy it's done.  It is smaller that's for sure!
I don't think I can stuff another bit of fabric in here.
Time to get cutting again and stitching.
Lots of ideas in my head to share.
Barbara, you've been waiting a long time, I'm going to start those ipod purses, really I am.
Yellow, green, blue?  Will be adding  flowers, flowers, flowers.!
Stayed tuned for more


  1. It looks cozy and organized! Hope your creativity abounds there!

  2. Looks great Colleen, bet you're glad to have this room done, congrats and enjoy!

  3. It is the crafter's version of a candy store for kids. Wow, it looks great and all that wool just waiting to be used......awesome!!! Enjoy~