Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lavender and Wine

Not necessarily in that order! We had so much fun yesterday out at Art on the Farm, that we needed more agriculture.
First we started with the Constantin-Vasilica Winery, formerly Columiba Valley Winery.

We bought beautiful Blackberry Wine, White Current Wine AND Hazlenut Liquer! Mmmmgood!
That's going to be nummy over some soy icecream...yay, sorry , soy for me.

Did I say Lavender, LOOK at the lavender! Wow, did it smell good.

Botanical Specialties, out in the valley, south end of Cultus Lake, BC .
We left with more knowledge of the plant, the oil and took with us purchases of sachets and oil.
We also sampled Lavender Lemonaid....really good.

Next year we're going two weeks earlier, the lavender will be fully in bloom, this field is ready to harvest in two weeks. I want to bring a book and a picnic next time!

Girl Power Weekend!

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  1. Not sure if it was from all the lavender aroma yesterday, but I slept like a rock! I love the sachet of lavender that I bought, can't stop sniffing it... like catnip I think. Such a fun day.