Saturday, August 15, 2009

Art on the Farm

in rural
Columbia Valley, Chilliwack, BC Canada
Spent the morning with my gal pals. It was overcast and grey, but the art show wasn't. I can't wait until next year's show. Lots of talented artists with their jewelry, books, paintings, photos, upcycled products, spinning, pottery, music, baked goods, rubber stamps, quilts, omigosh there was lots of wonderful talent from around British Columbia!
Gal pals.

Funky band; " Blackberry Wood"

Me and my bestest friend Marny, no one else puts up with me like she does,
well, except my dear husband! (post script, and Joyce!)

Lots of vendors didn't want their photos taken, oh well. Sadly, I left my good camera back at the cabin. These photos are taken with my blackberry, I really wanted to share the fun with you.

Great job to the creators of Art on the Farm, we'll be back next year!
and a shout out to Mumboo's, I love my "Berry the Bumblee" painting...
(I'll share the photo one of my next posts)


  1. Looks like such a fun time. Love the stage for the band. Is all your locale rural? How cool.

  2. Hi Susan, we're not far from farms. We live in the "city" but there are farms within 10 minutes drive and farther. It's very scenic here on the westcoast of Canada.