Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thrifting for Wool

It was a good shopping trip!
I did a quick run yesterday through 5 favourite thrift shops! I turned up 3 blankets, one skirt and some yardage! All for just over $20. I splurged on the brown blanket with red cotton trim. I paid full price at Value Village $9.99, but I had to have it. It's a great weight and colour, the camera flash washes the colour out, so visualize darker. V.V. is not the best place to source because of the high prices, but sometimes something worthy will present itself.

The green yardage didn't felt, but washed up nicely, it will stitch up nicely. It's soft, about 2 yards for $1.00 (half price sale)! The beige blanket is lovely, felted to a yummy weight and it was a mere $3. The brown skirt was twice as big when I started, it felted very nicely, $3.50. The pinky/grey blanket was $4. Not a great colour, but that's okay, I'll throw it in the dye pot and see what I get.

I haven't been stitching, I have a pinched nerve in my neck that is putting the fingers in my right hand to sleep. Not all the time, just when I blow dry my hair and when I stitch! I think I'll be back to the chiropractor this week. I really miss stitching, and I have lots of projects to share and post to my etsy shop, but they are still in the works. (I hope it's not carpal tunnel syndrome.)

Thank you to all the shoppers that picked out penny circle templates from my Etsy shop! That batch is gone now! I will be cutting more soon, so don't dispair. I also have four sets listed in my paypal storefront on the sidebar of this blog. Email me if you need to know exactly when I'm listing the next batch in Etsy. In the meantime I have lots of cut wool circles, some kits,
my epattern for the Hit and Miss rug and freezer paper for sale!

I am always cutting pennies. Is anybody interested in this batch of wool or the last batch I posted on the 14th? I will custom cut for you, just contact me.

I've had some questions from gals that have felted sweaters and what to do with them if they get too thick. I have often used felted sweaters in a penny project. But I find that the thinnest cashmere is the nicest felted. For the bulkier knits that felt up too thick? Hmmm, how about a floor mat, stitch pennies to it? A mug rug, hot pot coaster, or line a wooden box? Perhaps make a tea cozy? Anyone out there have a suggestion or need for thick felted sweaters?


  1. Wow! You had a good shopping run, lots of goods. I checked out your Etsy shop. I didn't know you had all those goodies for sale!! And a pattern, I may have to have, lol.
    Hope your neck gets better soon.
    Hugs, Bren

  2. I am glad to hear that the pinched nerve isn't keeping you out of the thrift stores!!! What a haul you had. I shop at VV alot, and find that I can get the wool blankets pretty cheap. I looked under my basement stairs the other day, and realized that I had stuffed 1/2 dozen wool blankets under there and had forgotten about them. I had washed them, cause I do that first thing, but I must have been feeling guilty with my 'wool shopping' and hid them:) I told my Hub's, and he laughed, as he said that the kids have used them over the winter when they got cold watching TV.

    Shows how often I clean the basement!

    I hope that you are back to stitching soon, I miss seeing your creations.

  3. Hi Trudy!

    Yes, the nerve issue has turned into a wrist brace at night. It probably is "carpal". But hey, I'm adapting. Too funny about your wool blankets! Sounds just like something that would happen here, except the kids have moved out and we don't have a basement!lol! Where does our mind go sometimes! I think you have a great Hubs! (Mine would laugh too! That's awesome)