Saturday, March 28, 2009

At long last

Do you remember this photo from one of my blogs last year?

It was a biggie secret. I've been developing a new item and testing it out.

At last I have something to share with you!

My Penny Ring Pin Cushions! Ta da!

A hand model I'm not! Don't try this at home...

forgot the hand lotion and took a bunch of closeups!This cushion is woolie bling! I topped it with a tiny vintage button.

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you will love to behold these needle cushions. Never will you misplace your needle in the arm of your chair. Or, like me, in the knee of my jeans. Can't tell you how many times I wander around the house with a needle in my pants knee. I lost and then found my needle one day on a drive down the road. There it was in the knee of my jeans, ouch!

I listed several of these cuties in my Etsy shop. They are wonderful and very comfortable. They are easily sized to your finger. Don't worry about a prick in the skin, I've lined them with plastic. I've also stuffed them with raw wool. A pleasure for your stitching needle.

More to come later.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Those are just the neatest litle pin cushion!! And you are up early this morning, have a Great Day my penny rug friend.
    Hugs, Bren

  2. What a great idea. I can relate to the needle in the knee problem! ~Ann

  3. Very cute and a wonderful idea!

  4. I am just thrilled with my little pin cushion. Thank you very much for all the wonderful pennies! I can't wait to see what you design next.

  5. Hi Colleen...I'm new to your blog and just ordered a set of your templates. Hope your wrist is feeling better. I have a question about you hand felt or do you have a machine? I have been wanting to do a penny rug project for a long time but never had the opportunity to indulge because I worked full-time. Now that I am retired, I have been able to have some fun with crafts that interest me. Now I need to hit the thrift shops here and get some "stash".

  6. Hi Colleen! (from Colleen!) I machine felt. Sometimes I rip the seams open, sometimes not. I do remove linings and such. Hot wash, a little bit of soap, cold rinse and a hot dryer. Some wools won't felt (super wash wool) and some will felt up too much. I always say, experiment and experience. Don't hot wash those thick blankets, or melton...they're good to go in a warm warm and warm dryer.