Monday, January 26, 2009

Mountains and golf hills

Aloha from

Diamond Head, Honolulu Hawaii

Switchbacks and 283 steps?

I'm still on vacation. I have to check, it might be Boot Camp!

We've walked around Diamond Head, seven miles, round trip, from our hotel.

Then, on another day, to the top! I highly recommend the hike, worth every step.

Colleen and Neil at the top of Diamond Head.

It's also been golf, golf and more golf. (Well.... Neil's golfed more than me)

Today we golfed Luana Hills, in Honolulu. We were told that two holes were used in the filming of Jurassic Park. Believe it!
One hole took us five minutes from green to tee to drive through beautiful rain forest.

Luana Hills Country Club. Very challenging. Forget about finding your lost balls. But, happily we had our own personal ball finder. Randy is amazing at finding balls. If he hadn't found balls (lots of balls), we wouldn't have been able to play the whole course! We left lots behind for the next group to lose! For all the golfers out there, double your handicap, that's how many you will lose, honest. Buy some at the pro shop before you go out.

Then there was the day we hiked up to Moana Falls.
That was after taking the city bus to the bottom.

Remember, "boot camp".

Muddy, slippery and rocky.

And don't worry, Joyce and I have been holding up the girl's end of this trip,
we've been to the flea market twice!


Thank you to all the shoppers to my Etsy shop while I have been away.

I will be shipping next week and blogging soon after.


  1. I stumbled onto yur blog, Love it!! I'm looking at the great weather you are in and thinking I can't wait as we are headed there this next weekend!! Save some sun for me, have a Great time!

  2. You'll have a great time, Bren. Bring a sweater for the cool evenings and mornings. It's been cloudy and rainy as well, but, just wait 5 minutes and the weather changes!


  3. Oh Colleen,

    I'm lovin the pictures of your trip! We are in the midst of another winter storm here in Ontario, up to 25cm:(

    I keep waiting for that January thaw, and realized that January is almost over, and snow is in the forecast every day until February, yikes.

    Looks like you are making the most of the weather and enjoying yourself! Keep the pictures coming so that the rest of us can drool.

    Wooly hugs,

  4. What a spectacular vacation! I can only dream, as we are in the midst of yet another snowstorm. I visited Hawaii as a teen, and remember the terrain as you describe...rugged and spectacular! Thanks for the tropical pictures and beautiful views...I SO needed that!

  5. Colleen why don't you and Neil come over to Scotland and play golf with my husband. We can do some crafting too. xxxRobby