Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Long Time Coming!

It seems like ages ago, my cyber friend Barbara asked me to make a custom pouch for her, it's a gift for her sister.  
(it really was ages ago)
Her sister has one of those cool Kindle e-books...I'm envious.

Custom orders are tricky for me, I want so much to do them, but can never get to them!
I like a challenge and the the juices started to flow today.  Maybe it's because I know I'll be away for awhile and then I'll come back and be in rush around mode.  Whatever the  reason, I finally applied myself.   I got all crazy with pennies, stitched them on, sewed up the pouch.

Made my first Bernina buttonhole....I've only had this machine for 2 years (or is it 3?). 
 I haven't used the buttonhole attachment yet...see, I needed a challenge....

After it was complete, I just had to eliminate most of the pennies!  Look at the pile in the left corner!   It was just too much!

I'm liking the simplicity.  Now, I hope the Kindle fits....I hope it's not too snug.....


  1. I'm not sure what a Kindle book is, but I like the pouch. It looks better with fewer pennies, but isn't it easy to get carried away when sewing them onto something? More is not always better. I hope you have a safe and relaxing trip and enjoy the warmer weather. I updated my blog with a giveaway if you want to check it out.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I like it with less pennies too, what a great project. I'm so glad you post about penny rugs, I'm still learning and I'm so glad I have your blog to refer to when I am stumped about something:)

    Have a great time!

  3. Thanks everyone. I hope Barbara doesn't mind that everyone sees it, possibly before she opens her email! Miz, I added the Kindle link. Yup sometimes those pennies just take over! lol!

  4. Oh Colleen -- it's perfect !! My sister is going to love it! HUGS!