Sunday, February 3, 2008

Paypal Storefront Widgets

Paypal has developed a new vehicle for shopping! Gotta love something that is simple and attaches buttons and the cart at the same time as you post a product and price! At first, I admit it was a bit of trick to get it going....I'm computer/photography challenged.

I was determined to get the Paypal Storefront widgets onto my blog. The only negative I see is that the photos are not the best, squashed and not very large. I'm sure that paypal will work this out with future versions. I believe it was originally developed for cd sales and donations through blogs. (but, don't get me wrong, remember I'm photography challenged...but I love a challenge, I will keep on trying for perfection...always do)

Please note the little "i" in the top right hand corner and also above the product when you roll your mouse over the photo. Click on this and you will get information, like shipping and details of the product. There is no function for shipping at this time, so it is included in the pricing of the item. Paypal has blogged about their new widgets. ****MY UPDATE Feb17/08...there seems to be a shipping function now, I've changed my pricing to reflect shipping as extra.....check the "cardboard box" icon for my shipping prices. This new little icon and a comments section has appeared....ooooh, quite magically! (although I'm sure there is no magic in computer programming, it just seems that way...thanks paypal!)

Another cool function (and this would be so great for donations or fabulous wonderful friends that want to help your sales along) others can copy the whole widget with only one click and place it on another site! The sales will still come through to the owner's shop! Too kewl!

If you want a better picutre of my paypal storefront items...just contact me.

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