Saturday, October 13, 2018

In the Round

I have finished another rug! 
Seems like I've been productive,
but judging by the state of my studio, I am not!

Lots of unfinished items to sort through
 now that this big one is done.

Check my Etsy shop for precut wool pennies for the 
39" Vintage Sytle Penny Rug Kit.
Be sure to check each listing as the colours do differ.

You'll need your own thread and backing fabric.
**Update, I've been dyeing thread just for this project. If you like Cee's string, this is it...check my Etsy Shop **

Lessons are free;
I have been teaching this on our Facebook Group
The Ladies and Gents of the Wool Circle Club.

Come and join us, make one yourself!


  1. I'm a slug no doubt about it I'm a slug...sigh I've only made a few pumpkins and look what you've done..I'm going to slither away now

    1. Hi Z, I did start this one back in July, so not too speedy in getting it done. My mind is always moving to the next one! You have good reason to slow down. I have been amazed at your latest sorting and revamps. We are members of the Mutual Admiration Society! Free membership lol! P.S. you make GREAT pumpkins.