Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Myrtle Doves

Cee Rafuse of Early Style Penny Rugs made beautiful work of this reproduction.


This penny rug or mat finishes up at 24 x 17 inches.  
It started out as a quest for inspiration, 
this rug being too beautiful not to recreate. 
 Named Myrtle Doves by Louise Tietjen,
of  Dogwood Farm,
 a member of our Ladies and Gents of the Wool Circle Club.

When making the pennies be sure to cut them without perfection. 
Odd circles and sizes is what this rug needs.
 It begs placements to be squished,
 somewhat overlapped and imperfect.

It’s a lovely scene. Birds scavenging for seeds, 
the penny stacks could be stones or bricks where the planter is placed,
 a lovely mat.

The pattern is now available in my Etsy Shop.

**We are gathering requests for new members to 
the Ladies and Gents of the Wool Circle Club on Facebook. 
(Please know that it takes a few weeks for admission approval)

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  1. What a lovely design. I just love seeing all this wool :D Makes me smile.