Tuesday, January 9, 2018

From the Scrap Bin

I think it's time for a quick project. What to do?
How about using up some
 of that "over-felted" wool. 
You know, those pieces that are 
a bit too thick to make into soft pennies?
Those pieces that you keep pushing to one side.

I worked out this little change purse
 made entirely by hand, no machine work.
Of course, you can use your machine if you like.
I started with 2 x 3.5 inch circles of very dark green wool.
It photographed as black. 
Any colour will do just fine.
And a zipper, any size longer than 5 1/2" will do.
You'll need to cut 7 x 3/4" circles
 for a flower design.
You can see a rug that I made entirely with this design here
I posted a play by play of it on YouTube.
However, you can applique any design you like.
So...start with two 3.5 inch circles
If your zipper is longer than 5 1/2 inches, 
make some back stitches to shorten it.

 Easy, peasy. 
Now cut the zipper with about
 1/4" to 1/2" to spare.

More fun, start your applique:

Now to add the zipper.
Open it fully and put right side of the zipper
 to back side of your large circle.
Begin a running stitch to attach the zipper
Then fill in the running stitch, 
this will make the zipper secure.
Or you could do a back stitch all the way along.
Same result.
Attach the second circle in the same fashion:
Now match the wrong sides together 
and stitch from one end of the zipper 
to the other end, 
closing the purse with a blanket stitch.

Be sure to start and stop at each end with a secure back stitch.

Done! A cute little handmade wool coin purse!

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Happy New Year 2018!
hugs from



  1. Well that's just adorable and clearly explained. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Z, great to hear from you! I hope you're well.