Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Making A Candle Mat

This is a quick little project that doesn't take much wool.
I used 19 1.5 inch wool circles and 19 3/4" inch circles.
My thread of choice is #10 crochet cotton

My base square started out at 9.5 inches.
 You can use any fabric for the base, 
just be sure it is thin.

 Press your base fabric to create a center point,
or baste a horizontal and a vertical line in a dark thread.
 Stitch a penny stack in the middle, then work outwards from it.
 Start the second row
  I use one straight pin and work with it, moving it around the stack.
 Adjust your stitch direction as you work around the stack.
  Layout is complete
 Measure off with masking tap to trim away excess.
I must credit this tip to my friend Cee at Early Style Penny Rugs.
 Trim with scissors
 Fold, iron, and pin edges.
 Blind stitch with matching sewing thread.

My base is wool, so I pressed and steamed with a pressing cloth.


  1. Gorgeous, I need to make one, thanks for sharing. hugs, Lecia

  2. So easy. Your directions are very clear.

  3. Look at those even stitches! Looks pretty front and back :) Thank you for this post. We moved recently and a relaxing project like this is just what I need.

  4. What a good idea using the masking tape!
    Great tutorial, many thanks

    1. Masking tape tip is credited to my dear friend Cee of Early Style Penny Rugs. It really makes the trimming quick!

  5. I love this. And your blog. Following...

  6. that is beautiful, thanks for sharing