Friday, June 10, 2016

Nature and Rugs

I'm hoping for rug inspiration.

 I've been working on some penny rugs, 
nothing exciting to show and tell currently. 

So, the garden beckons, it's that time of year.

I'm a bit of a junker.
 I've been yearning to make a succulent planter from an old lamp.

I saved a pin on my Pinterest board ages ago.

Is this not gorgeous!?
(I've been searching and can't find the true source of this photo.)

Succulents in vintage floor lamp-love this repurposed item:  

I finally got my hands on a rusty old lamp.

It's a work in progress, succulents in the photo above don't grow well in our cooler climate. 
 My version will have less colour.

Cut and remove the cord and unscrew the bulb base from a rusty old lamp.
Break off the chandelier bulb sockets.

Strap a lined planter basket to the chandelier arms, trim.


Mound dirt up, I used an overturned plastic pot. I cut a big opening in the bottom of it first.

Fill with beautiful succulents.

Find a great place to display, wait for compliments.
It will fill in and reward you.


  1. Wow...both are fabulous! Now another thing to search for!

  2. oh the green the green! I am so envious. I love this idea. I will have to make one for my daughter who is obsessed with succulents

  3. What a terrific planter!! You did a great job.

  4. This idea is such an inspiration...I want one too. Love the 'String of Pearls' one of my favs...

    Have a great day...with Peace, Barb