Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Long time no see

Long time no see!
Comment ca va!
Hello friend.

I hope you are enjoying your summer and are safe. 
We are having a drought here in beautiful British Columbia. 
 I can't remember when it rained last. 
Well, I can, it was a couple weeks ago, I think. 
I spent some serious time stitching pennies that day, it was a weekend. It's been mostly dry since....lemme think....since I can't remember, 
all year?
I live where it's known as the Wet Coast.
Funny eh, wet coast, west coast, ha ha,
 real funny.
(we also get bugged about saying eh)

Seriously though, we are in Stage 3 water restrictions. 
We've been asked to conserve water, no car washing, no sprinkling, hand watering only with a container or hose with a trigger nozzle.
Stage 4 is no watering, we don't want Stage 4.
I pray for other towns and cities,
 in all countries, 
that are dry or drier than we are.
  I can't remember seeing this much brown in all my life. 
Except for the wool stacks in my studio.

 The wool is falling to the floor,
 I really must stitch more rugs 
and offer more kits!
YES! I've listed 5" pentagon kits in my Etsy shop.

5" Pentagon Sewing Box Kit
I've been working on my plaid tongue rug.
 Some would refer to tongues as pen wipers, or lamb's ears.  
Lots of names for the long scallops
 that can trim a rug, or form a whole rug.

The Plaid Tongue Rug
It was a challenge...it's done! 
Check out the bias trim on each tongue.

A great project for a seasoned stitcher.
 I am working on a tutorial to share.
I can't wait to hear your comments.

I've been sharing the process this summer on my Facebook page. 
I know, I know, you don't want to be a member of Facebook
(neither do I, I have other friends like you)
But again seriously, it's okay to visit.
Just like dropping in here to see me, 
pop over to my
 Facebook Page called Penny Rugs and More.
You can look at all my public posts there.
So click on over, and have fun visiting.

Before I leave you today,
I'd like to show you
my never ending penny rug.
I always have these "littles" on the go.
 I like working on small pieces.
One day this gorgeous pile will be a large rug, or many mug rugs.
I will be adding more little pennies in my Etsy shop.
Contact me anytime if you're interested. 
Woolie Jems

See you later!

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  1. Checking my porch every day for that slow mailman!! Lol. It's worth the wait & my needle stands ready to thread the minute it arrives!! Love the plaid rug but I'm no way experienced enough for bias!!! Love your kits!!!