Monday, January 12, 2015

Have to Thrift

I can't go long without stopping at a thrift shop. Even on vacation.
I apologize to anyone that wants to order from my Etsy shop.  
Please email or convo me if you have any questions.
I'll be shipping again at the end of January.

How'd I do today thrifting?
I think this is a rare pattern of Franciscanware, Wildflower.
Franciscanware Wildflower
According to a guide by someone named
 Madison Grace on Amazon's Know More
this pattern of Franciscanware
 was produced for 3 only years in the 1930s.
And more here at Replacements Ltd.

I'd love to hear from someone that knows 
more about this plate. 
 My first question being; what is this bowl shape known as?
January 13th update, thank you Lynn at SDQuilter, my dish is a relish dish.
Pretty darn big relish's 12 inches long!
Now we know there are at least two in the world, the other one is on eBay for $179..95 USD
I suppose I won't use it to keep my scissors and crafty floatsam on my cutting table in order.


  1. Looks like you found a great treasure there - sorry I don't know anything about the shape of it......

  2. Relish dish and what a find! Congrats!!

    1. Wow, how did you find that? None of my eBay searches turned it up. I'd say that is for sure the dish and I'm very glad I picked it up now...maybe time to start a collection.....mmmm.

    2. Good morning. I just typed in Wildflower and Franciscan and went through all the dishes. They are such a good buy if you can find them in the store. I even showed them to my husband and told him we should be going to thrift stores more often. He was very impressed too. I'm very happy for you.