Monday, September 29, 2014

What's up?

Not much.

I just realized that summer is over! And it was a beautiful one.

During one of the hottest dog days of August 
I made up one of Maggie Bonamoni's pieces,
from her Buttonwood Farm book.
 I love geraniums, they remind me of my grandma.
In the early spring she always had her kitchen windowsills filled with snips
of old geraniums, starting new ones.
 I enjoyed making this piece, I used cotton thread as is Maggie's way 
and happily whipped my stitches with no cares about straightness,
 it was a freeing happy experience to whip along. 
 It will either be framed or made into a pillow.
Then came early September and a trip to Alaska, 
I love Alaska.
Here's the Sawyer Glaciers at the end of Tracy Arm  Awesome.
And the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau below
 after an 8 kilometer bike ride, where's the beer?
Yes, lots of it afterwards, did I say I love Alaska?
I really love the Alaska White Ale!

 It was cold and damp most of the week
We did some fun things, this doesn't look like fun but the 4x4 ride was!
Do you see the bear? Step back just a bit...just kidding.
We were up a mountain in Haines.

 Has anyone been to Tracy's KING Crab Shack in Juneau?
How did we ever miss this before? Make sure you try the bisque, yum!
OMG was that ever good crab!
And I know good crab.
 My sister and I would get up at the break of dawn when we were kids 
to walk out to the tide in White Rock, about a mile to the U.S. border marker,
with our dad to scoop up the big ones, but never the size of a King Crab!
Those crab feasts are great memories.
 Oh yeah......wool...
Look what I found last weekend
for 50 cents!
It was a wool skirt someone had taken the waistband off.
Thank goodness they donated it to the thrift shop.
The clerk actually thought I was going to put the waistband back on.
It was a bit moth chewed.
I thought it was pieced but once I pulled apart the pleats 
it revealed to be yardage with four blended colours.
It washed up lovely and the wool is gorgeous!

  I was cutting petals this past weekend for the flower rug.
I counted wrong, sniff, so I only have one kit in my Etsy shop.
It is as photographed below, however two times what you see.
If anyone is interested in a kit, please let me know.
You'll receive a minimum of 25 x 12 matching 3/4" pennies, 
plus a grab bag of mixed 3/4 pennies to use for centers.
You will use 6 of one colour per flower and an alternate center.
The rest of the rug is up to you, i.e. thread and 3" pennies.
check my five part YouTube Tutorial for inspiration and instructions.

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