Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wool Yardage Finds

The thrift store was calling my name last week.
I haven't been shopping for wool in awhile. 
 I was on a mission to find Lee Child books for hubby.
No luck in that department but lookie lookie!

There are two 4 yard pieces of the red,
 that's 8 yards 60" wide of red wool!
Let me tell you, red is really difficult to find,
with blue being a difficult runner up.
 The tweedie red is a 3 yard piece. 

The plaid is a blanket that was already felted (by accident me thinks)
The green is a felt, but I think it has some wool fibre, probably meant for a pool table.

The next task was to rip it into 1 yard pieces,
which I do outside my home, and wash it up.
These were dusty, there's no way I'm bringing fabrics that are not new
into my home without a thorough cleaning.
I used a warm wash, cold rinse on all these pieces and line dried.
I didn't want to have too much fullness.

The tweedie red went right back in for a HOT wash, cold rinse, HOT dryer.
It felted on that second run through, so now I'm sure it has wool fibre content.
I might even run it through one more time.  

I will soak swatches of the tweedie red and the green felt soaking in some bleach to test.
Even if the wool content is questionable they will still be great for prugs.
I can make some unique colours by overdying with onion skins.
Check my friend Cee's recipe here for making a "mother" batch of dye.

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  1. Great find! Nearly ALL of my wool comes from thrift store clothing, but it took me a long time to realize that sometimes I could find yardage - yay!

  2. Nice find. I never find actual yardage. I usually find just skirts and sweaters.