Monday, April 19, 2010

Red Letter Day - Drum Roll Please

Where has the time gone?  Let's review MY time line.  We packed up the Christmas tree and my studio, the day after Boxing Day 2009.  Went on vacation for a month and thought, "oh gosh, a little renovation, won't really take that long, not like when we added the second story.
 This is a piece of cake..."
Anyone got a fork? Poke me, I'm done.

Here we are April 19, 2010.  The drywall partition has come down.  The painter is here. (Poor guy, taking all the flack for wet paint.)  You know, when the colour is all wrong and you were sure it would be right, and then it drys..reminding you that you shouldn't have looked in the first place.
  Hang in there Robert, Colleen's just tired, she just wants back in her studio.

Back to the partition,
drum roll please.....
 this is Henry "the best carpenter in the world" removing the partition to the master suite!

Looking in...

Looking out...
Yup, the stacked up stuff in the Billiards room and Sitting room is, yup, still there.
Does anyone have a magic wand for rent?
 Willing to pay top dollar.

Today's gift, the joy and ability to not have to walk outside the house to walk inside the house.
Tomorrow, another paint swatch. 

 (pssst...thank you Missy, and ,we forgot to look at the tile, it really does look better in real life)


  1. It's going to be beautiful when done:)


  2. Well you are making progress and it looks like a quality job......and really boxing day wasn't that long ago!
    I hope you'll have many happy hours in your new studio :0)

    Happy sewing

  3. Hi Kim,thanks I so anxious to get into my studio again. I just realized my "after" Boxing Day! Crazy eh? Things always go longer when you renovate. Even though I know that, I march on and do it. Lots of cleaning and organzing coming up soon. The painting is slowing us done, colour choices and my painter has a bad back. It's been so long....