Friday, February 26, 2010

More Renovation Updates

Hi penny rug and blogger friends,

I thought I'd toss out some more renovation pictures so that you can see what's going on in Colleen land,
not much stitiching that's for sure!

This is a before photo of one corner of our master bedroom

A before photo of one corner of my Studio

The new studio space in progress

The new master bath

The new walk in closet with attic stairs moved from old studio space

The new master bedroom with double doors hung and new windows going in

The Old Floor Plan (really old)
(missing pocket door joining small bedrooms and bay window)

The New Floor Plan

I told hubby last night that hey, "we're downsizing" ! 
From a five bedroom house to a three bedroom house....he didn't buy it! 
But we'll both be glad to have the king bed back in place, the guest room double is kinda small.
(maybe that's why we don't have guests? hmmmm...)

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