Friday, December 4, 2009

Poinsettia Tutorial - Wool of Course!

Okay I missed the part when the calendar changed to December!
Holy cow am I going to be busy this weekend.
Time for thoughts of decorating and getting things ready for the season.
Let me gift you with my method of making a poinsettia brooch,
which could also be an ornament or a very nice accent on a gift package
My felted wool scraps are cut into 2 1/4" inch triangles.

I use a doll making needle to weave a strong thread, like crochet cotton or butcher's twine through one side of six triangles.Pull tight and tie off well.

Cut two leaf shapes and stitch them with a running stitch.
This tacks them together and minimizes "flop"

Stitch your leaves to the back of the flower petals.

Add a button, stitching through the middle of the petals and securing the button to the leaves.

Attach a brooch pin.

Maybe the pearls or puka shell beads can be threaded and grouped for realism?
You can also add a layer of green prior to stitching on a button,
for a little more realism, as far as wool flowers go.