Thursday, November 5, 2009

There Are No Rules

More Rugs I Have Seen
Penny rugs of different colours shapes and sizes.
Use what you have, have what you use.
There are no rules for the size of your pennies, here are great examples of that.

Look at the rug on the wing back chair. Modern yet primitive and look how the colours work in the decor. This really shows that if you love it, it will work in your decor.

 I love this photo from Country Home October 2007 issue.
(check your closets and storage bins! More to follow!)

The rug below is more "prim" and worn. I spotted this photo in Country Livng
August 2008 page 89.

Here's another rug that shows what a great effect age can have. Find this rug in the pages of Country Living issue April 2002 page 135

I totally HAVE to MAKE this RUG!
It's on my to do list for next year. I am so inspired to trim the tongues *(lamb's ears) with binding and make my own version. You need to look closely to see that it is a one penny pattern stitched to the main body of this mat. Check out the article in Country Living page 91 thru page 97 about Tom Pryor's interior design. You'll fall in love at first sight. There is a visual treat for rug hookers two pages further on.

Ah, look below, this one looks truly worn. Is it? page 107 of Country Living issue July 2001

Mary Knowles. Where are you!
Let's talk!

I saw this article in Creative Home Fall 2007 and aso in another magazine. (have you ever noticed how magazines recycle photos and articles?) (well, if you don't read alot of magazines, like I do, you wouldn't notice....)
Mary, let's talk about penny rugs! Write me!

Here's a beauty! Look at those teardrops! Good ol' Country Living again, check issue January 2006 page 90,

This is a shout out for my dear friend Arleen. We joined a penny rug group a few years ago. Our mentor Cee, and founder of the original group, encouraged us to stitch our penny rugs, our way. Arleen was scouted by Early American Life and featured in this issue! Way to go Arleen! Check Issue June 2007 and see Arleen Oliver's rug on page 68!

I always need to know more. Never satisfied. I search issue upon issue.

This issue of Piecework, March/April 2006 sheds even more light on the history and early works of penny rugs. Good reading. Check pages 34 thru 39.

Do you have any magaginze articles about penny rugs? Let me know, if you have some worthy contributions.
(I'll check my magazine stash, I need to know if I've missed any!)

Next blog post, more inspiring photos. I'll share some from "American Patchwork & Quilting".....

Happy Stitching from Colleen,

P.S. I'm working on more templates. I will be listing in my Etsy shop before Christmas.


  1. Thanks for posting such a wonderful collection from your magazines. Very inspirational!!! I have recently started working with wool applique, first using a pattern and now working on a sampler quilt with plaids and prints. Take a look at my progress. You can see my original design drawing, and fabric choices up thru yesterdays work. I love working with wool applique.

  2. Love the photos of the rugs. I love the rugs, the one with teardrops is so neat. Thanks for sharing. Always look forward to your posts.
    Hugs, Bren

  3. Beautiful penny rugs! I have to get back into it:)

  4. Enjoyed your site very much. I am looking forward to following your blog

  5. colleen, hey there!!! guess what i stumbled across in wilmington vermont this past week? vintage army blankets, your the first person i thought of. : ) i have 6 --woo hoo, i'm thinking pennies.

    love, arleen

  6. Colleen, I found your site when I was looking for more information about Mary Knowles. Haven't found anything else about her work other than the Creative Home article and one other. I love to see penny rugs done in more contemporary colors. Seeing your work is the inspiration that I needed. I also like to use recycled materials, but do you have a good source for wool felt if a person doesn't have enough recycled wool to work with?
    So glad I found your website.

  7. Hi Jean, keep looking for wool. Just like Arleen and the rest of us, you WILL stumble upon some. Check ebay, garage sales and of course thrift stores. Those are my sources. Keep looking, you will get a "aquired eye". Wool will eventually find you.